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  1. +ErgoPlus 3 Operating System
  2. +"VÖGELE EcoPlus" Low-Emissions Package
  3. +"AutoSet Plus" Repositioning Function and Paving Programs
  4. +"PaveDock Assistant" and "PaveDock"
  5. +Innovative Screed Technology
  6. +"Dash 3" Wheeled Pavers
  7. +More "Dash 3"

All Functions at a Glance

AllFunctionsat a Glance

Paver Operator's Workstation

A perfect view of the machine and job site coupled with a more comfortable workstation: as before, ErgoPlus 3 allows the operator's seat and console to be swung out to the side to perfectly meet the requirements of the paver operator. And this is even easier in the new "Dash 3" generation, which also provides more legroom thanks to a slimmer console design. Another new feature is the side panelling that provides effective protection from the wind and rain!

Tried-and-tested features have been supplemented with practical innovations. The redesigned colour display of the operator's console is now larger and its look and contents have been completely revised. This results in even easier operation and an ideal view of all functions, even in poor lighting conditions!

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Screed Operator's Workstation

When designing the screed operator's workstation, the focus – as with the paver operator's workstation – was on ergonomics, safety and user-friendliness. These factors applied equally to the conveniently accessible and extremely safe ascents and walkways and the new screed console. The console itself has been greatly enhanced by the addition of "SmartWheel" rotary controller, colour display and even sturdier housing.

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ErgoPlus 3 Operating System

Modern operating technology has to be intuitive and easy to use. The ErgoPlus 3 operating system from VÖGELE adapts to the needs of the user, featuring an ergonomic workstation design and a logical layout of controls which provides an immediate view of all functions.

The operating system has been enhanced with a host of innovations for the new "Dash 3" generation, offering paver operators and screed operators additional advantages when working. These include brand new functions such as "AutoSet Plus" and "PaveDock Assistant" that can be conveniently controlled via the operator's console.

+ Paver Operator's Workstation + Screed Operator's Workstation

"The new colour display has excellent readability from any angle."

Thomas Kussinn, Screed Operator

"VÖGELE EcoPlus" Low-Emissions Package

Up to 24%
Lower Emissions
and Fuel Consumption

Splitter Gearbox

When the paver is stationary, e.g. while waiting, all hydraulic pumps for "traction", "conveyors and augers" as well as "compaction" are automatically disengaged. The result: fuel consumption is drastically reduced. The lower trailing load also makes the paver easier to start under extreme conditions, such as at high altitudes and in low ambient temperatures.

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Variable-Speed Fan

Via a viscous coupling, the speed of the variable-speed fan is automatically adjusted to the engine load and ambient temperature, as well as the temperature of the oil and cooling water. This not only reduces fuel consumption, but also substantially lowers noise emissions.

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Hydraulic Oil Temperature Circuit

The oil is only diverted through the cooler assembly once it rises above the optimum temperature level of 50 – 70 °C. This bypass circuit allows the hydraulic oil to reach its ideal operating temperature very quickly. This permits particularly fuel-saving and efficient operation of the paver.

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Energy-Optimized Tamper Drive

The tamper is driven by a variable displacement pump. This always delivers exactly the amount of oil needed for the current tamper speed. No more and no less – that saves fuel.

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"VÖGELE EcoPlus" Low-Emissions Package

With four outstanding features, the efficient "VÖGELE EcoPlus" low-emissions package is true to the motto "lower consumption – lower emissions – lower costs". They reduce fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions by as much as 24%!* The principle is simple, but ingenious: whichever systems aren't needed are deactivated, and consequently use no fuel.

And the fact that "VÖGELE EcoPlus" also significantly reduces noise emissions not only benefits the operators, but also makes the "Dash 3" pavers ideal for applications where noise emissions must be minimized.

* At approx. 1,500 operating hours and an average of EUR 1.45 per litre of diesel fuel, this saves up to EUR 8,700 and reduces CO2 emissions by 15.7 t per year! (Basis for calculation: laying an 8cm-thick binder course at 5m/min. using a SUPER 1900-3i paver.)

+ Splitter Gearbox + Variable-Speed Fan + Hydraulic Oil Temperature Circuit + Energy-Optimized Tamper Drive

"We were impressed by how little fuel the new "Dash 3" paver needs.
We never expected such
a massive saving."

Siegfried Stein (l.), Foreman, and Maik Stein (r.),
Civil Engineering Worker

"AutoSet Plus" Repositioning Function and Paving Programs

A Push of a Button –and Everything is in Position

Paving Programs

In the new "AutoSet Plus" version, individual paving programmes can be created, saved and activated when needed via the display on the paver operator's console, complete with all of the pre-set parameters for the screed and tractor unit. The paver operator can complete the information by specifying the type of mix, layer thickness and pave width. This ensures that work is carried out with exactly the same settings as before, maintaining a consistently high pavement quality.

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Repositioning Function

Simply pressing the yellow "Execute" button raises the augers, the hydraulic hopper front and – if necessary – the deflectors in front of the crawler tracks to the uppermost positions. The screed is moved into transport position and locked. The conveyors are briefly reversed. After the paver has been repositioned, pressing the "Execute" button again retrieves the previously stored settings, so that no settings are lost when changing from paving to repositioning or transport mode.

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"AutoSet Plus" Repositioning Function and Paving Programs

"AutoSet Plus" enhances the efficiency, ease and quality of key job site processes. "AutoSet Plus" comprises two handy automatic functions. The Repositioning and Transport function facilitates the continuation of work when moving the paver on the job site from one work section to another, or after the paver has been transported. It is activated simply by pressing the "Execute" button. The automatic Paving Programs function allows the operating personnel to store the machine's current paving parameters and save these as paving programs in the menu. This allows a host of individual programs to be called up and re-used as necessary.

+ Paving Programs + Repositioning Function

"Being able to reposition the paver at the push of a button without having to re-configure all of the settings is a real game changer!"

Martin Kensy, Paver Operator

"PaveDock Assistant" and "PaveDock"

100%Process SafetyWithout Having to Utter a Word

"PaveDock Assistant"

Two signal lights mounted on the left and right of the paver's hardtop indicate to the feed vehicle driver what needs to be done, e.g. dock, stop, raise dump box, lower dump box, drive off, etc. The elevated position of the signal lights on both sides of the paver ensures that all signals are clearly visible to the driver of the feed vehicle from all angles of approach. This ensures absolutely reliable and flawless communication.

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"PaveDock" (Sprung Push-Rollers)

The "PaveDock" system involves sprung push-rollers that compensate for the jolts generated when the feed vehicle docks onto the paver, preventing these from being transmitted to the material being placed. In combination with "PaveDock Assistant", a sensor installed in the sprung push-rollers automatically triggers a signal from the signal light system as soon as a feed vehicle has docked onto the paver.

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"PaveDock Assistant" and "PaveDock"

"PaveDock Assistant" is an extremely efficient signal light system that greatly facilitates communication between paver operators and feed vehicle drivers. It uses unmistakable signals to ensure an absolutely safe mix transfer process, without any need for waving, calling or gesticulating. The "PaveDock" sprung push-rollers allow the feed vehicle to dock onto the paver virtually jolt-free. Together, these two solutions contribute decisively to greater pavement quality and process safety.

+ "PaveDock Assistant" + "PaveDock" (Sprung Push-Rollers)

"Finally there's no more need for the paver operator to constantly shout, wave or sound the horn to let the feed vehicle driver know what needs to be done."

Robin Sijbom, Paver Operator

Innovative Screed Technology

Full Whammy
of Innovations

Perfect Pavement Quality

User-friendliness goes hand-in-hand with innovative technology in the new AB 500 and AB 600 extending screeds. The pavement quality has been substantially optimized by numerous technical improvements, ranging from the screed heating system for more uniform heating and a new telescoping tube for better sliding properties, all the way to an optimized tamper bar for better compaction.

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Ergonomics & Work Safety

The screed is crucial for pavement quality. ErgoPlus 3 gives the screed operator full control over the entire paving process. The new AB 500 and AB 600 extending screeds have been made even easier to operate, with all functions of the screed console arranged clearly and easy to understand. All controls have been designed so that they can be safely operated "blindfold" or while wearing work gloves. Ascent and walkway are even safer and more comfortable, as well as being soundproofed.

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Innovative Screed Technology

Discover the "next level" of innovative screed technology. The new AB 500 and AB 600 extending screeds are jam-packed with enhancements that guarantee improved pavement quality, greater ergonomics and optimum user-friendliness! These range from the completely redesigned screed operator's console with "SmartWheel" rotary controller and a brilliant colour display, noise and vibration-damped walkway and ascent, all the way to technical updates that optimize quality and service life.

+ Ergonomics & Work Safety + Perfect Pavement Quality

"The paving results
with the new extending
screeds were simply
amazing. And the same
goes for the new
operator's console!"

Twan van Tienderen, Paver Operator (l.)
and Ruud Slink, Screed Operator, (r.)

"Dash 3" Wheeled Pavers

Wheeled Pavers
with a Turning Radius of Just

"Dash 3" Wheeled Pavers

Wheeled or tracked? Which is the better choice? The answer is simple: both are fantastic! Tracked pavers come out tops where the key factor is precision across a large pave width. Wheeled pavers have the edge when manoeuvrability and the ability to drive under their own power are required. Both variants unite the advantages of the "Dash 3" generation. The "Pivot Steer" steering brake allows wheeled pavers in transport mode to manoeuvre with a turning radius that would otherwise only be possible with a tracked paver.

The function can be activated in "Job Site" mode, both when advancing and when reversing. This allows even the tightest bends with a maximum outer turning radius of 3.5m to be easily navigated. The steering brake substantially reduces the torque of the rear inside wheel and, consequently, the turning radius.

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"Tight bends used to be a real problem for wheeled pavers. Today, they're child's play."

Michael Schifer, Site Manager

More "Dash 3"

Good to

Universal Class Highway Class
Features and Equipment SUPER 1600-3(i) SUPER 1603-3(i) SUPER 1800-3(i) SUPER 1803-3(i) SUPER 1900-3(i) SUPER 2100-3(i)
Maximum pave width 7.5m 7m 10m 8m 11m 13m
Maximum laydown rate 600t/h 600t/h 700t/h 700t/h 900t/h 1,100t/h
ErgoPlus 3
"VÖGELE EcoPlus"
"PaveDock Assistant"
"AutoSet Plus"
"Pivot Steer"
Innovative Screed Technology
Screed Overview
Extending Screeds SUPER 1600-3(i) SUPER 1603-3(i) SUPER 1800-3(i) SUPER 1803-3(i) SUPER 1900-3(i) SUPER 2100-3(i)
AB 500 TV 6.5m 6.5m 8.5m 8m 8.5m 8.5m
AB 500 TP1 8.5m 8m 8.5m 8.5m
AB 500 TP2 7.5m 8.5m 8.5m
AB 500 TP2 Plus 6.5m 7.5m 7.5m
AB 600 TV 6.5m 9m 8m 9.5m 9.5m
AB 600 TP1 9m 9.5m 9.5m
AB 600 TP2 7.5m 9.5m 9.5m
AB 600 TP2 Plus 6m 8.5m 8.5m
Fixed-Width Screeds SUPER 1600-3(i) SUPER 1603-3(i) SUPER 1800-3(i) SUPER 1803-3(i) SUPER 1900-3(i) SUPER 2100-3(i)
SB 250 TV / TP1 10m 11m 13m
SB 250 TP2 8.5m 10m 12m
SB 250 TVP2 9m 10m

Award-Winning Design

The new "Dash 3" pavers sport a radical new machine design created with a strong focus on ergonomic aspects. However, the advanced design not only has practical advantages, but also lends the machines a high recognition factor.

The "Dash 3" pavers have consequently been awarded the iF product design award 2013 by the iF – the International Forum Design Hanover, Germany. The iF label is an internationally renowned seal of quality for outstanding design.

Numerous innovations, technical improvements and design highlights increase the safety, ergonomics and user-friendliness of the "Dash 3" pavers, making them a true revolution! What models are available and what else should you know about the new "Dash 3" generation? One click is all you need!

+Overview of Models +Award-Winning Design
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